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JANUARY 2022 — In the year 2525, if man is still alive
If woman can survive, they may find..............
a new hybrid covid, a Starbucks Union in Buffalo!
and many more books to write, publish, review, read and movies to see.

On May 12th, 2022, Mary Cappello (SWALLOW) will appear together with Mary Roach (GULP) with their host, Brandy Shillace, for her Peculiar Book Club podcast, live-streamed to YouTube @ 7 pm: "Two Mary's, a Gulp, and a Swallow"

Upcoming Kia Corthron's MOON AND THE MARS 2022 events include The Tenement Museum and the Irish Arts Center. Follow this link for details.

Stay tuned for Amy Godine's THE BLACK FOREST: THE LOST HISTORY, EMBATTLED MEMORY, AND STUBBORN LEGACY OF BLACK FARMERS IN THE ADIRONDACKS BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR to be published by Cornell University Press. Over twenty years of research, Godine's book turns American Civil War history upside down.

What makes America great? Writing and research. Robert(a) Marshall's AMERICAN TRICKSTER, the Carlos Castaneda biography, will be published by University of California Press. What did Castaneda look like? Who will play him in the movie? I need to know.

Want to get away from it all and step it into the days of yore? Take a look at ILE DE FRANCE and the Golden Age of Transatlantic Travel, High Style on the High Seas by Tom Kepler, just published by the Lyons Press.

THREE MINUTES IN POLAND: A Lengthening, directed by Bianca Stigter and based on Glenn Kurtz's book will be shown at Sundance Film Festival and other venues. Stay tuned for other media tie-ins. Follow this link to read a New York Times story about the movie.

William J. Mann's much anticipated BOGIE & BACALL will be published by Harper Collins.

Are you searching for a new religion? Tom Pruiksma's translation from Tamil of THE KURAL: Tiruvalluvar's Tirukkural is inspired. Comparable to the Tao te Ching, the tweet-like nuggets of wisdom are skillfully rendered and to the point. Beacon publishes in early 2022.

Kate Rounds' CATBOAT ROAD is a wonderful, fresh lesbian take on MRS. Robinson. Bywater publishes in September 2022.

AUDREY HEPBURN: A Life in 63 Scenes celebrates Hepburn's movie, film and lifestyle in an impressionistic tribute. Applause/Rowman Books publishes Tom Santopietro's book in 2022.

JULY 2021 —

Happy 10th (tin) Anniversary
of the Baldi Agency's website
Thank you Geoff!

What a difference a year makes. Are you safe? Vaccinated? Anti vaccer? Waiting for the booster shot? Working remotely? Wearing a mask? Back to school? Hybrid work? Write about it!

Fordham University Press reissues CALLED BACK: My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life, with a new afterword by Mary Cappello!

Check out:
Lecture as an art. An exclusive interview with writer Mary Cappello.
A conversation with Dr. Mary Cappello

Follow this link to read Patty Dann's essay about pandemic habits.

7 Stories' MOON & THE MARS by Kia Corthron is an August 2021 Powell's pick of the month selection!

THREE MINUTES IN POLAND by Glenn Kurtz is now a documentary produced by Steve McQueen and premiering in Cannes summer 2021 and set to open stateside in September. » read more

Agate published MAY WE SUGGEST by Alison Pearlman and it continues to impress:
Did the Pandemic Kill Off the Restaurant Menu?
The Behavioral Economics of Restaurant Menus
Menu Mind Control

NOVEMBER 2020 — So much to write during the time of COVID-19. Please read ALL agency websites closely. Be best! Edit, edit, edit. Is your work as lean, mean & clean as it can be? Tell the truth.

7 Stories jumps high to acquire Kia Corthron's second novel, MOON & THE MARS.

Picture of the Day

Author Kia Corthron, second from right, meets with, from left, her editor at Seven Stories Press Veronica Liu; Seven Stories founder and publisher Dan Simon; and her agent Malaga Baldi at Cafe Luxembourg in New York City to sign a contract for her sophomore novel MOON & THE MARS.

Forget COVID-19 travel bans: Enjoy flying while reading THE WRIGHT SISTER by Patty Dann. It is the perfect book club book. Follow this link to to hear WYSO's feature on Book Nook.

Judy Gold writes about saying the unthinkable while living through the unbelievable. Click here to read the New York Times story about Provincetown, Gold's home away from home.

YES, I CAN SAY THAT is solid Gold, the perfect audiobook, featured in the Times.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice practice practice. How do you get published? Read Poets & Writers at and follow this link to read how Colin Hester's DEATH & THE BUTTERFLY publication came to be...

Can't wait for the 2021 Joe Okonkwo short story collection? Click here to see the cover and description.

Alison Pearlman reasons how/where/what/why you will be eating in the year 2525, sorry I meant 2023. Follow this link to take a listen.

MAY 2020 — In May, longtime client Peregrine White Jr. died from complications of cancer and COVID-19. His popular THE IDEA FACTORY: Learning to Think at MIT continues to be read by engineering students. Follow this link to read his obituary.

TINSELTOWN by William J. Mann is in development with Spectrum Originals! Read more here and here.

What is a weekend husband? Follow this link to find out in Patty Dann's brilliant "About Love" column. How did Patty Dann come to write THE WRIGHT SISTER due out from Harper Perennial this summer? Click here to hear about it.

Reading is fundamental in the time of COVID-19.

Can't go to the theater? Do you wanna dance?

Read DANCING MAN by Bob Avian, written with Tom Santopietro. Reading about dancing is the perfect proven armchair antidote for life in the time of COVID-19.

Can't travel? Read Robin Hemley's BORDERLINE CITIZEN (UNebraska) - a perfect world atlas of stories where everyone gets along, even on the border. » read a review

This summer 2020 reading offers two lyrical historical novels: Colin Hester's DEATH & THE BUTTERFLY is coming from Counterpoint Press in June. Patty Dann's THE WRIGHT SISTER, published by Harper Perennial in August, will make you rethink the events surrounding 9/11 and the Wright Brothers. Just as soon as Bill Mann's THE CONTENDER (check out The 15 most fascinating revelations in The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando) hit book shelves last fall, he signed a contract with Harper Collins for BACALL & BOGIE, the penultimate hetero normative duo is due in 2023. THE CONTENDER paperback is due out this fall from Harper Collins. Historical nonfiction is in the air — Tom Kepler's riveting narrative about the history of the stately Il de France ocean liner is signed with the Lyons Press. Fordham University Press' Empire State Series issues Matthew Spady's THE NEIGHBORHOOD MANHATTAN FORGOT: Audubon Park and the Families Who Shaped It.

Can't say what you really think? If so, it is imperative that you read Dey Street's YES, I CAN SAY THAT: When They Come for the Comedians We are All in Trouble by Judy Gold due out this summer.

Wash your hands, get out the vote and work by remote.

APRIL 2019 — Spring Awards, grants, & finalists: William E. Glassley is the 2019 John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Natural History Writing in Book Form for A WILDER TIME: Notes From a Geologist at the Edge of the Greenland Ice. Blanche McCrary Boyd is a 2019 PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist for TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN RACIST. Alexandra Chasin is a 2019 Guggenheim award nonfiction grant recipient.

Peace & Justice for 2019, the Year of the Pig! Gorgeous paperback edition of Blanche McCrary Boyd's TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN RACIST due out this spring. "...a wildly ambitious page-turner that defies easy categorization."
- Kirkus Reviews

This Fall Harper Collins publishes Bill Mann's THE CONTENDER: The Story of Marlon Brando. Those lips & eyes. Where is the motorcycle? Stay tuned.

Tom Santopietro's long standing love of musicals make him the perfect writer for choreographer Bob Avian's memoir, DANCING MAN to be published by University Mississippi Press. Full of theater history and gossip, Avian was the choreographer behind hits like CHORUS LINE and MISS SAIGON. See The New York Times' How 'A Chorus Line' Veterans Pass It on to a New Generation

While you are waiting to get a Broadway ticket for TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD, make sure you read WHY TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD MATTERS (St. Martins) by Santopietro. Perfect for times like these. First time a Baldi Agency book gets reviewed on the cover of The New York Times Book Review!!! Follow this link to read the review.

William E. Glassley's A WILDER TIME (Bellevue Literary Press) got the best reviews ever & the best pull quote known to mankind: "The mind of a scientist, the heart of a philosopher, and the soul of a poet," from The Washington Independent Review of Books. And check out Kirkus Reviews' look at the book.

Over Summer 2018, Kate Bornstein appeared in STRAIGHT WHITE MEN on Broadway. Follow this link to read the Jewish Telegraphic Agency's story.

Marty Moran revisited his one man show, THE TRICKY PART at the Barrow Theatre in December 2018. Click here to read the outrageous New York Times review.

JULY 2018 — Malaga Baldi is honored with Publishing Triangle's Leadership Award, held at the New School in New York City in April. Created in 2002, this award recognizes contributions to LGBTQ literature by those who are not primarily writers, such as editors, agents, librarians and institutions. Click here to read the article.

A most remarkable & prescient acceptance speech, The Time is Now, was given by Sarah Schulman at the Publishing Triangle Award event. Follow this link to read the speech.

The Ursa Major awards are the furry equivalent of the sci-fi world's Hugo Awards, voted on by members of the furry community. Joe Strike's FURRY NATION won this year's award as best non-fiction work. The "FurDU" (Furry Down Under) convention was held in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Click here to see the awards presentation.


MARCH 2018 — Baldibooks covers all topics: from Greenland, to what makes the perfect menu, to the cultural history of Furies, and why does TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD matter. Want more? An audio book companion to the second edition of URBAN TANTRA. Fans of THE REVOLUTION OF LITTLE GIRLS and TERMINAL VELOCITY by Blanche McCrary Boyd are in for a surprise in the return of Ellen Burns in TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN RACIST due out this spring from Counterpoint.

AUGUST 2017 — Long time mentor and client, Ray Coppinger, died on August 14. His graphic first novel, FISHING DOGS, combined his love of fishing and an imaginary inbred fishing dog. His work on the science of dogs is read widely and critically acclaimed. Follow this link to read Hampshire College's tribute.

Kate Bornstein's anniversary reissue of GENDER OUTLAW received an outstanding review on Bookmans Blog.

Patty Dann's essays continue to enrapture and explain families, including this in the Boston Globe and Minnie Driver's reading of another essay.

After Barbara Cook died in in August, Tom Santopietro described how they worked together on her THEN & NOW memoir.

Looking for stocking stuffers? Published by Cleis in the fall is Joe Strike's FURRY NATION. Happy Halloween...furs are everywhere! Just when you thought it was safe, FLYING CARS, ZOMBIE DOGS & ROBOT OVERLORDS by Charles Pappas is to be published by Lyons Press.
Other trade trade paperback reissues include:
ALL THE RAGE/Beacon by Martin Moran
SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD/Liveright by David Skal
THE WARS OF THE ROOSEVELTS/Harpers by William Mann

Great books sold!
MAY WE SUGGEST Agate/Surrey by Alison Pearlman. Restaurant menus are everywhere. But we know little about how they influence us. Pearlman investigates.

Janyce Stefan-Cole's AND NEVER HIT GROUND, when her Abenaki husband is found on his ancestral land shot with the family rifle, a newspaper reporter becomes the prime suspect - a cross-cultural history of visions and desire. Fred Ramey at Unbridled Books publishes in 2018. Her take no prisoners HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD and THE DETECTIVE'S GARDEN were published by Ramey as well.

FEBRUARY 2017 — Patty Dann's personal essays appeared in the Boston Globe: A widow honors her old life, amid her new one and Mom, memory care, and me. And she was interviewed about Butterfly Hours on the Studio A program in New York.

Last year's Center for Fiction winner, Viet Thanh Nguyen, presented Kia Corthron the Center for Fiction's 2016 First Novel Prize AWARD for THE CASTLE CROSS THE MAGNET CARTER. In the Jan. 30, 2017, issue of the New York Times Book Review, Nguyen said "This big, ambitious, challenging novel should have gotten much more attention. It tells the 20th-century history of the United States through the intersecting lives of two white brothers and two black brothers. It is, by turns, tender, brutal and redemptive.."

Stellar reviews continue for William J. Mann's THE WARS OF THE ROOSEVELTS: USA Today, Tulsa World, Iron Mountain Daily News, WAMC Radio and the History News Network.

A superb AudioFile review of the ALL THE RAGE audiobook read by Martin Moran: "Moran brings his appealing acting skills and keen sensitivity to the subtle ebb and flow of his story's pathos. He is absolutely engaging to hear, and his performance gracefully balances the moderation of an objective storyteller with the first-person intensity of an author-narrated memoir."

David J. Skal is nominated twice for his well reviewed SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD. He is up for the Edgar Award for Best Critical/Biographical and for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement for Nonfiction 2016.

Tom Santopietro's THE SOUND OF MUSIC STORY continues to have legs. How does a friend of Trump land the Austrian Ambassadorship? From The Palm Beach Daily News, Barbara Cook spent the last couple of years telling her story to Tom Santopietro. THEN AND NOW: A MEMOIR was published by Harper Collins in June. Read the New York Times' profile of Cook, watch an Arts in the City video or read gossip columnist Liz Smith's review of the book.

JUNE 2016 — Over 20 Baldi books publishing in 2016...............

Stay tuned for news of I AM CAITLIN series # 3 in 2017. Kate Bornstein grounded the E television I AM CAITLIN series in 2016.

Last fall 2015 Mary Cappello attended the American Academy of Berlin and read an excerpt from her forthcoming poetic and groundbreaking LIFE BREAKS IN.

Dogs, dogs and more dogs. The New York Times interviews Ray Coppinger!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, 9/28, 6:30 p.m. @ SCHOMBURG CENTER New York Public Library 515 Malcolm X Boulevard. Kia Corthron, THE CASTLE CROSS THE MAGNET CARTER & Margo Jefferson, NEGRO LAND in discussion.

Glenn Kurtz received Kulczycki Book Prize and was awarded a 2016 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.

William Mann's TINSELTOWN, KATE, WISECRACKER, and BEHIND THE SCENES are all in film/television/cable development.

Love Paris? Like Jazz? Mark your calendar Wednesday, 6/22 Joe Okonkwo (JAZZ MOON) in conversation with David Eberschoff, THE DANISH GIRL.

Liz Smith writes strong women rule! Who will play Eliza Jumel in the movie? Read Margaret Oppenheimer's THE REMARKABLE RISE OF ELIZA JUMEL. Barbara Cook's THEN & NOW to be published by Harper Collins in June. On Monday, 6/27 Tom Santopietro interviews Cook @ Eastside B&N: 86th Street & Lex at 7 p.m. Be there or be square.

On Monday, 6/20 Union Square Barnes & Noble hosts a tribute to Liz Swados. Taylor Mac & Meryl Streep will read from her last novel, WALKING THE DOG just published by published by the Feminist Press. Priority seating. Kirkus raves: "One of a kind. Deserves a big splash and lots of readers."

Manscaping, corporate/political beards, historical beards, it gets complicated. Read all about it in OF BEARDS & MEN by Christopher Oldstone-Moore. He's also part of a Wall Street Journal article and posts updates on Twitter.

NOVEMBER 2015 — TINSELTOWN {Harper Collins) by William J. Mann first-time nominee, is the winner of the 2015 for Edgar Best Fact Crime.

Always, always read the New York Times' Modern Love column because you never know! In an interview, Jones is asked, "Ever fix up a Modern Love columnist?" He said, "I'm not in the matchmaking business and wouldn't want to be, but one essayist, Patty Dann, who eight years ago wrote a column about being widowed in midlife, met the man who would become her second husband when he read her Modern Love essay and contacted her about it."

Margaret Oppenheimer celebrates Eliza Jumel on Halloween!

David J. Skal is back with a vengeance in Fall 2016, just in time for the Presidential elections. Dover reissues his HALLOWEEN compendium and Centipede Press will publish a new & updated biography of Tod Browning, DARK CARNIVAL written with Elias Savada.

MARCH 2015 — The hills are alive with good news about Tom Santopietro's THE SOUND OF MUSIC STORY! Check out the articles by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today and a quiz in USA Today.

Fall 2015 publications include Sandy Langer's groundbreaking ROMAINE BROOKS biography from University of Wisconsin Books. Two new books full of ideas forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press — everything you wanted to know about dogs & some — WHAT MAKES A DOG TICK by Mark Epstein and Ray Coppinger and Chris Oldstone-Moore's OF BEARDS AND MEN: THE REVEALING HISTORY OF FACIAL HAIR.

David J. Skal, author of THE MONSTER SHOW, returns with his impeccable SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD: A BIOGRAPHY OF BRAM STOKER.

Newly under contract, playwright, songwriter & author Liz Swados has signed with the Feminist Press. WALKING THE DOG, a novel about women in prsion and the love of dogs will be published in 2016.

Mary Cappello's multi-disciplined mood study has been acquired by the University of Chicago Press.

NOVEMBER 2014 —Glenn Kurtz book tour begins with a riveting NPR interview. Follow this link to listen in.

Aaron Kaplan & Tracy Katsky Acquire Hot Hollywood Mystery Book, William J.  Mann's TINSELTOWN For TV Series Adaptation, big name film director to be announced soon...

Felice Picano's memoir NIGHTS IN RIZZOLI can be ordered NOW from OR Books — follow this link.


Bettina Berch's RADICAL BY DESIGN: The Life & Style of Elizabeth Hawes has been optioned by Sideshow writer/producer Ramini Niami. Click here to check out the New York Times' T Magazine tribute to Hawes.

Richard Akel & Company has optioned William J. Mann's KATE: THE WOMAN WHO WAS HEPBURN, Henry Holt 2004: read more.


Playwright Kia Corthron's first novel, THE CASTLE CROSS THE MAGNET CARTER has been acquired by 7 Stories. In September, Corthron's work was honored at Yale: read more.

Roy Dimond's mystery SILENCE & CIRCUMSTANCE will be published by Untreed Reads in 2015.

Wilde City Press will publish A.C. Burch's THE HOMEPORT JOURNALS. It is pitched as TALES OF THE CITY meets AUNTIE MAME, about a young gay man who hides from an abusive lover in off-season Provincetown, where — aided by a reclusive artist and an irrepressible drag queen — he investigates a decades-old disappearance, redefines his notions of family, and revives his capacity to love.

JUNE 2014 — On June 2nd, at the Lammy Award Ceremony held in the Cooper Union Auditorium, Barrie Jean Borich's BODY GEOGRAPHIC published by the University of Nebraska Press received the 2014 Lambda Lesbian Memoir/Biography Award.
Kate Bornstein was presented the Pioneer Award by her life partner, Barbara Carrellas who said that when people are asked what Kate Bornstein means to them, "the overwhelming answer is 'Kate Bornstein saved my life.'" Bornstein's call to action to stop the history of shaming with regard to sex and gender brought the audience to a standing ovation. Follow this link to read more.

Dan Callahan's first novel, TAKE THEM DOWN, will be published by Magnus Books. About VANESSA: The Life of Vanessa Redgrave, David Thompson writes that Callahan "seems to me a leader among young writers on film. No enthusiast will pick up this deceptively modest book without going to the video resources and tracking the turbulent career of our most challenging actress."

William J. Mann signed contracts with Random House for THE CONTENDER: The Life of Marlon Brando (2018) and ALICE & ELEANOR: The War of the Roosevelts (2016) with Harper Collins.

The University of Chicago Press acquires two titles: ANSLINGER NATION: A Documentary History of Harry J. Anslinger and Prohibitionist Drug Policy by Alexandra Chase (2015) and BRAVE FACE: Beards, Shaving & The Cultural History of Manliness by Christopher Oldstone-Moore.

APRIL 2014 — Nothing changes, everything changes and bookstores close. OR Books acquires Felice Picano's NIGHTS IN RIZZOLI, a memoir chronicling his bookstore manager experience in its glamorous heyday as a New York City cultured hotspot. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission declined to protect the Rizzoli interior and exterior. After much community outrage about the demolition, Rizzoli is set to close in April. Follow this link for Picano's web site.

Open Road Media reissues William Mann's ALL AMERICAN BOY, THE BIOGRAPH GIRL, OBJECT OF DESIRE, and his classic MEN FROM THE BOYS. Click here to go to Mann's site.

In 2015 on the 50th anniversary, St. Martins will publish Tom Santopietro's The Story of 'The Sound of Music': How One Young Nun, One Handsome Austrian Captain and Seven Singing Children Inspired the Most-Loved Film of All Time. Santopietro's web site can be found here.

David J. Skal's BRAM STOKER: THE FINAL CURTAIN will be published by Liveright in 2015. A homecoming of sorts, W.W. Norton first published Skal's HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC, THE MONSTER SHOW and SCREAMS OF REASON over twenty years ago to great praise. Follow this link for Skal's web site.

In 2016, Beacon will publish Martin Moran's ALL THE RAGE. It redoubles his courageous exploration of the human frailty and anger felt in THE TRICKY PARTFollow this link to read Moran reminisce in the New York Times about acting in the play Titanic. Click here for Moran's site.

Awards and nominations
For Borich, Bornstein and Whitaker

Barrie Jean Borich's Body Geographic: A Memoir, is one of the top ten books included in The American Library Association's LGBT Round Table list of 71 queer books for adults on its 2014 Over the Rainbow List. The memoir is also nominated for a Lambda Lesbian Memoir/biography award. Borich's web site can be found here.

One of the top ten The ALA's Rainbow Project (a joint committee between the LGBT-RT and Social Responsibilities Round Table) announced the 2014 Rainbow List consisting of about 30 titles for young readers is Kate Bornstein's My New Gender Workbook. Follow this link for Bornstein's web site.

Rick Whitaker's AN HONEST GHOST published by Jaded Ibis Press is  nominated for the 2014 Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction as well as the  Lambda Literary award for Gay General Fiction. Click here for Whitaker's site.

JANUARY 2014 — Kate Borntein is one of Out Magazine's OUT 100 for 2013. Follow this link to read more.

Read this stellar review in Publishers Weekly for Partners in Passion.

According to Readers Digest, John Ashbery and Slate Magazine, An Honest Ghost is the book to read in 2013-14:
Follow this link to read an excerpt on The Nervous Breakdown.
Read John Ashbery's pick in The Times Literary Supplement.
Click here to read Readers Digest's pick of An Honest Ghost as one of "6 Great Books to Read (That You Might Have Missed."
• staffers and contributors named An Honest Ghost amongst its "Most Striking Queer Culture of 2013."

OCTOBER 2013 — The Brown Reader: 50 Writers Remember College Hill includes an essay by Kate Bornstein. Brown University is co-publishing it with Simon & Schuster, due out in spring 2014.
Guess who is reading Gender Outlaw? Follow this link to the New York Times' Sunday Book Review.
Read Bornstein' s letter to Chelsea Manning.

A wonderful announcement in Sibling Rivalry Press about Erebus by Jane Summers. Her first volume of poetry will disturb and enrapture you in 2015. Audible releases her work The Silk Road as an audio book in 2014.

Congratulations to Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson who were honored with various awards for Great Sex Made Simple, published by Llewellyn earlier this year:
• 2013 IPPY Awards Gold Medalist in Sexuality/Relationships
• 2013 International Book Awards Winner in Self Help: Relationships
• 2013 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Silver Medalist in Self Help and Finalist in Family and Relationships
• 2013 Living Now Awards Silver Medalist in Femininity/Sexuality
• 2013 Eric Hoffer Awards Honorable Mention in Health

MARCH 2013 — Recently Farrar Straus and Giroux acquired Glenn Kurtz's THREE MINUTES IN POLAND: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Home Movie. Last year Kurtz donated his grandparent's home movie of a trip to Poland to the Holocaust Museum. Staff and visitors viewed the short film and some recognized living relatives. In his multi-layered book Kurtz shows how archival film is saved and how the language of memories becomes history. Click here to see the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's video about Kurtz and his movie.

Kate Bornstein's A QUEER & PLEASANT DANGER is to be released shortly in Germany and is a finalist for the Judy Grahn nonfiction 2013 Publishing Triangle award. Bornstein's revamped MY NEW GENDER WORKBOOK is due out from Routledge this spring.

Many great and wonderful reviews abound for Barrie Jean Borich's stunning BODY GEOGRAPHIC just published by the University of Nebraska Press. Click here to check out the book trailer.

Suzanne Scanlon's PROMISING YOUNG WOMEN is part of the Dorothy Project's great 2012 launch.

Ray Coppinger's new and improved FISHING DOGS will be reissued by Skyhorse Publishing in September. The University of Chicago Press will issue his next two books on dog ethology and behavior.

Turkish rights have already been sold for Joe Markulin's first novel, MACHIAVELLI: A Renaissance Life is to be published by Prometheus Books in September.

Also in September: ALL OR NOTHING: The Art & Life of Romaine Brooks by Cassandra Langer will be published by The University of Wisconsin Press.

Patty Dann, Kate Bornstein, Martin Moran, William Mann and Felice Picano have audio books in the works with

William Mann's WISECRACKER, HELLO GORGEOUS, and KATE have been optioned for film and/or musical development.

Diversion Books has picked up Geoffrey Huntington's RAVENSCLIFF fantasy series for an ebook launch this fall.

SEPTEMBER 2012 — William Mann's TINSELTOWN: Murder, Morphine and Madness in Hollywood was acquired by Harper/It Books for six figures. It is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2014. A film development deal and musical is in the works for Mann's WISECRACKER. Also recently optioned for film development are Mann's KATE: The Woman who Was Hepburn and HELLO GORGEOUS: Becoming Barbra Streisand due out in Fall 2012.

The Dorothy Project is the workingest publisher of all! Check out the recent Pank interview with Suzanne Scanlon about PROMISING YOUNG WOMEN.

Whatever happened to Cher's character Mrs Flax in the movie MERMAIDS? Find out early next year when Green point press publishes STARFISH by Patty Dann.

Everybody loves PYG stateside. Check out what the Washington Post wrote.

Bornstein book rights have sold in Germany, China and Korea. In early 2013, Taylor & Francis/Routledge releases a totally revised & updated edition of MY NEW GENDER WORKBOOK.

Just in time for the holidays, GREAT SEX MADE SIMPLE: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy & Heighten Pleasure by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson. Check it out here.

JANUARY 2012 — Swedish, Turkish, Italian and Canadian rights have been sold for Russell Potter's Pyg. Penguin US publishes in August 2012.
Canongate UK just released a stunning audio download recording of Simon Callow reading Pyg. Click here to check out the excerpt.

Barbra Streisand matters a lot in 2012 — because HMH publishes Bill Mann's long-awaited Hello, Gorgeous. Like Moss Hart's Act Two, Hello, Gorgeous is for everybody that is a little bit in awe of Barbra and that loves to read page-turning Broadway-bound biographies. Click here to read Mann's essay about why Barbra matters.

NOVEMBER 2011 — Canongate UK releases Russell Potter's Pyg. Click here to hear an excerpt read by Simon Callow. Penguin Makes Paperbacks publishes Pyg in the U.S. Summer 2012. Read more at

APRIL 2011 — RHODE ISLAND WINS!!! Providence-based Mary Cappello, author of Night Bloom, Awkward, Called Back and Swallow has been awarded a 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship in Nonfiction to work on her new book-length essay on "mood."

Also, Canongate's Jamie Byng acquired world rights to Pyg, a first novel by Russell Potter, a fellow Providence neighbor. Pyg is a faux memoir based on the true story of Toby, an exceptional 18th century pig in England who escapes the butcher's knife. Toby packs theaters and concert halls with his ability to count, spell and read the minds of ladies "only with their permission," Toby's sensitive and wise nature and his empathy for those around him make him come across as ironically more human than some of the humans he meets; pitched as if Henry Fielding had thought of writing Babe.