August 2017

Long time mentor and client, Ray Coppinger, died on August 14. His graphic first novel, FISHING DOGS, combined his love of fishing and an imaginary inbred fishing dog. His work on the science of dogs is read widely and critically acclaimed. Follow this link to read Hampshire College’s tribute.

Kate Bornstein’s anniversary reissue of GENDER OUTLAW received an outstanding review on Bookmans Blog.

Patty Dann’s essays continue to enrapture and explain families, including this in the Boston Globe and Minnie Driver’s reading of another essay.

After Barbara Cook died in in August, Tom Santopietro described how they worked together on her THEN & NOW memoir.

Looking for stocking stuffers? Published by Cleis in the fall is Joe Strike’s FURRY NATION. Happy Halloween…furs are everywhere! Just when you thought it was safe, FLYING CARS, ZOMBIE DOGS & ROBOT OVERLORDS by Charles Pappas is to be published by Lyons Press.
Other trade trade paperback reissues include:
ALL THE RAGE/Beacon by Martin Moran
SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD/Liveright by David Skal
THE WARS OF THE ROOSEVELTS/Harpers by William Mann

Great books sold!
MAY WE SUGGEST Agate/Surrey by Alison Pearlman. Restaurant menus are everywhere. But we know little about how they influence us. Pearlman investigates.

Janyce Stefan-Cole’s AND NEVER HIT GROUND, when her Abenaki husband is found on his ancestral land shot with the family rifle, a newspaper reporter becomes the prime suspect – a cross-cultural history of visions and desire. Fred Ramey at Unbridled Books publishes in 2018. Her take no prisoners HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD and THE DETECTIVE’S GARDEN were published by Ramey as well.