March 2015

The hills are alive with good news about Tom Santopietro’s THE SOUND OF MUSIC STORY! Check out the articles by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today and a quiz in USA Today.

Fall 2015 publications include Sandy Langer’s groundbreaking ROMAINE BROOKS biography from University of Wisconsin Books. Two new books full of ideas forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press — everything you wanted to know about dogs & some — WHAT MAKES A DOG TICK by Mark Epstein and Ray Coppinger and Chris Oldstone-Moore’s OF BEARDS AND MEN: THE REVEALING HISTORY OF FACIAL HAIR.

David J. Skal, author of THE MONSTER SHOW, returns with his impeccable SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD: A BIOGRAPHY OF BRAM STOKER.

Newly under contract, playwright, songwriter & author Liz Swados has signed with the Feminist Press. WALKING THE DOG, a novel about women in prsion and the love of dogs will be published in 2016.

Mary Cappello’s multi-disciplined mood study has been acquired by the University of Chicago Press.