May 2024

2024 – the year of the dragon 🐉🔥 MBLA publishing & promoting all sorts of books this year including two eye-opening Civil War histories: Jason Friedman’s LIBERTY STREET, University of South Carolina Press & Amy Godine’s THE BLACK WOODS, Cornell University Press.

Margaret Vandenburg’s CRAZE, a rollercoaster historical lesbian novel set in Paris, Jaded Ibis Press./Chicago Review Press celebrates the American songbook by Dan Callahan.

Roxane Gay-Atlantic/Grove Press publishes a searing FRIGHTEN THE HORSES, a transman/parenting memoir by Oliver Radclyffe.

CORE SAMPLES by Anna Farro Henderson shows how she worked as a climate scientist and geologist in the Minnesota  Governor’s office and the United States Senate.

David J. Skal’s death earlier this year is honored by Spanish editions of several of his evergreen horror titles, and UMinn Press reissues his DARK CARNIVAL.

 One can find out what furries are throughout the world in FURRY 🌎 published by Apollo.

And what does the future hold? Reissues of Kate Bornstein’s classic HELLO CRUEL WORLD, 7 Stories and NEARLY ROADKILL with Generous Press are due out in 2025.

Bonnie Friedman’s long-awaited first novel is due out from Europa in 2026.

A post-political 2025 respite: reflect and pass the time away with Tom Santopietro’s one-of-a-kind AUDREY HEPBURN, Applause.

William Mann’s BLACK DAHLIA, a Hollywood murder who-done-it dovetails nicely with his bestselling TINSELTOWN, Simon and Schuster.

Harvard animal rights lawyer Elizabeth Melampy examines a year’s worth of animal fairs in CARNIVAL, Apollo.

Julian Hattem follows global environmental migration for the New Press in SHELTER  FROM THE STORM.

Glenn Kurtz reveals the never-before-told stories of the cowboys of the sky, the men dramatically photographed by Lewis Hine and who built the Empire State Building in MEN AT WORK to be published by 7 Stories.

YELLOW is more than just a color in this entertaining first novel by Ann Pence to be published by Red Hen Press.

Ben Miller revises and updates his classic FAT OF THE LAND: The Last 100 Years of NYC Garbage.

New School cultural historian Elizabeth Kendall weaves a compelling ballet noir of George Balanchine’s early life in NYC, Oxford University Press.