January 2023

2023, the Year of the Rabbit brings news of the following:

Tom Santopietro (author of THE SOUND OF MUSIC STORY and WHY TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD MATTERS) celebrates the 50th anniversary of the movie, THE WAY WE WERE. Read THE WAY WE WERE: The Making of a Romantic Classic/Applause Books. Are you an Audrey Hepburn fan? Stay tuned!

#ThreeMinutesALengthening is The Film Critics choice as best first documentary. Based Glenn Kurtz’s  critically acclaimed THREE MINUTES IN POLAND, the movie continues to gather other nominations awards left and right. Follow this link to see the trailer for Bianca Stitger’s Oscar-contending documentary Three Minutes: A Lengthening and where it is streaming.

YES, I CAN SAY THAT! Based on Judy Gold’s book published by Harper Collins, the play will be performed by Gold at Primary Stages from March 4 thru April 16, 2023. The one-woman show is written by Judy Gold and Eddie Sarfaty, directed by BD Wong. Follow this link to order your tickets at Occasional surprise guest talk-backers/back-talkers!
You never know who…
Read the book/see the play.
B there or B square.