January 2022

In the year 2525, if man is still alive
If woman can survive, they may find…………..
a new hybrid covid, a Starbucks Union in Buffalo!
and many more books to write, publish, review, read and movies to see.

On May 12th, 2022, Mary Cappello (SWALLOW) will appear together with Mary Roach (GULP) with their host, Brandy Shillace, for her Peculiar Book Club podcast, live-streamed to YouTube @ 7 pm: “Two Mary’s, a Gulp, and a Swallow”

Upcoming Kia Corthron’s MOON AND THE MARS 2022 events include The Tenement Museum and the Irish Arts Center. Follow this link for details.

Stay tuned for Amy Godine’s THE BLACK FOREST: THE LOST HISTORY, EMBATTLED MEMORY, AND STUBBORN LEGACY OF BLACK FARMERS IN THE ADIRONDACKS BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR to be published by Cornell University Press. Over twenty years of research, Godine’s book turns American Civil War history upside down.

What makes America great? Writing and research. Robert(a) Marshall’s AMERICAN TRICKSTER, the Carlos Castaneda biography, will be published by University of California Press. What did Castaneda look like? Who will play him in the movie? I need to know.

Want to get away from it all and step it into the days of yore? Take a look at ILE DE FRANCE and the Golden Age of Transatlantic Travel, High Style on the High Seas by Tom Kepler, just published by the Lyons Press.

THREE MINUTES IN POLAND: A Lengthening, directed by Bianca Stigter and based on Glenn Kurtz’s book will be shown at Sundance Film Festival and other venues. Stay tuned for other media tie-ins. Follow this link to read a New York Times story about the movie.

William J. Mann’s much anticipated BOGIE & BACALL will be published by Harper Collins.

Are you searching for a new religion? Tom Pruiksma’s translation from Tamil of THE KURAL: Tiruvalluvar’s Tirukkural is inspired. Comparable to the Tao te Ching, the tweet-like nuggets of wisdom are skillfully rendered and to the point. Beacon publishes in early 2022.

Kate Rounds’ CATBOAT ROAD is a wonderful, fresh lesbian take on MRS. Robinson. Bywater publishes in September 2022.

AUDREY HEPBURN: A Life in 63 Scenes celebrates Hepburn’s movie, film and lifestyle in an impressionistic tribute. Applause/Rowman Books publishes Tom Santopietro’s book in 2022.