July 2021

Happy 10th (tin) Anniversary
of the Baldi Agency’s website
Thank you Geoff!

What a difference a year makes. Are you safe? Vaccinated? Anti vaccer? Waiting for
the booster shot? Working remotely? Wearing a mask? Back to school? Hybrid work? Write about it!

Fordham University Press reissues CALLED BACK: My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life, with a new afterword by Mary Cappello!

Check out:
Lecture as an art. An exclusive interview with writer Mary Cappello.
A conversation with Dr. Mary Cappello

Follow this link to read Patty Dann’s essay about pandemic habits.

7 Stories’ MOON & THE MARS by Kia Corthron is an August 2021 Powell’s pick of the month selection!

THREE MINUTES IN POLAND by Glenn Kurtz is now a documentary produced by Steve McQueen and premiering in Cannes summer 2021 and set to open stateside in September. » read more

Agate published MAY WE SUGGEST by Alison Pearlman and it continues to impress:

Did the Pandemic Kill Off the Restaurant Menu?
The Behavioral Economics of Restaurant Menus
Menu Mind Control