November 2020

So much to write during the time of COVID-19. Please read ALL agency websites closely. Be best! Edit, edit, edit. Is your work as lean, mean & clean as it can be? Tell the truth.

7 Stories jumps high to acquire Kia Corthron’s second novel, MOON & THE MARS.

Picture of the Day
Author Kia Corthron, second from right, meets with, from left, her editor at Seven Stories Press Veronica Liu; Seven Stories founder and publisher Dan Simon; and her agent Malaga Baldi at Cafe Luxembourg in New York City to sign a contract for her sophomore novel MOON & THE MARS.

Forget COVID-19 travel bans: Enjoy flying while reading THE WRIGHT SISTER by Patty Dann. It is the perfect book club book. Follow this link to to hear WYSO’s feature on Book Nook.

Judy Gold writes about saying the unthinkable while living through the unbelievable. Click here to read the New York Times story about Provincetown, Gold’s home away from home.

YES, I CAN SAY THAT is solid Gold, the perfect audiobook, featured in the Times.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice practice practice. How do you get published? Read Poets & Writers at and follow this link to read how Colin Hester’s DEATH & THE BUTTERFLY publication came to be…

Can’t wait for the 2021 Joe Okonkwo short story collection? Click here to see the cover and description.

Alison Pearlman reasons how/where/what/why you will be eating in the year 2525, sorry I meant 2023. Follow this link to take a listen.